Awhile back I had a discussion with an artist friend about writing artist statements. She said she writes and writes and writes and then edits, edits, edits sometimes down to one sentence.

The same process is applied in all the arts.

The strongest statements are often the elimination of volumes of information reduced to the most necessary elements.

Knowing when your work states its point without decorative clutter and leaves room for the viewer is a balancing act most artist struggle with.

Face “TI” mini sampler

The Face “IT” series duplicates the many layered process of assimilating the title wave of world news that envelops us. Volumes of information flood over us in a continuous onslaught leaving little time to digest the information.

The base layer of these works are a collage of a total newspaper article that has had an impact on me. Metaphorically I begin to digest the story by cutting the article up and gluing it to the board. In the finished product the viewer sees a snippets of the story. 

Paint applied with a pallet knife records my initial reaction to the information. Finishing the processing I returning to a paper source  collecting images and collage over the paint


I classify myself as a multi medium artist because I use the medium that most easily speaks to what I am trying to express. Artist are always asked what/who has made the biggest impression on your work. I have always found this to be a very difficult question to answer…and the answer “DEPENDS” is really rather a poor way out. The more I ponder this question my answer often returns to “The work of photographers”.  A talented photographer is able to capture raw emotion and freeze it in time creating some of the most powerful and moving images/ stories for me.

Much of my photography work is of 2D work I have created and manipulated. My paper clay masks continue to turn up in my work in various forms.

The essence of our soul is where we reside,

Our identity is where we publicly hide.

We slip and slide from side to side,

And sometimes just go inside

We rotate up and topple down

Morphing with the ebb and flow.

These photographs have been intentionally blurred taking away many of our preconceived tools for reading a facial expression. Leaving you to question your judgments on a subconscious level.



This is a series of works on small boards that started 2 years ago.

The small boards are covered in carefully chosen cut up newspaper article that caught my interested. Most were from the NY papers.

The loosely painted faces were applied using a palette knife that reflected my initial reaction to the article.

At the time I did not quite know how to move them forward and I packed them away.

I brought them out recently with fresh eyes.

The last couple of years of collage work was the added component needed to continue the thought process on these works.

This work is much less introverted and much more extroverted.

Allowing the viewer to interject themselves into the work.