Work from the first 19 days of January 2017

The definition, working method and statement of my work has changed very little in the last year, yet the work itself has undergone many visual transformations.

I am still creating work in direct response to individual news articles.

Out of necessity each of my series steps deeper into a social conscious reaction.


One is born landing on a spot of the color wheel

One adorns the hue associated with the color.

One’s outer casing becomes one’s identification card.

One’s bondage is roped and pinned via the visual.

One is more than one….one is alway more…..





Historically masks have had a place in all cultures for ceremonial events, expressing power, fear, protection, beauty, celebration and idealization.

Subconsciously we all learn to wear masks to maneuver smoothly throughout society.

We are judged and judge others first by our visual assessment of one another.  Is it the subtle curve of a mouth, the angle of one’s nose, the intensity on a look….ECT

A manmade mask is a static facial expression frozen in time and space. Each viewer is left to  determine the emotion the frozen expression leaves them with.



There are times when you are searching for written material to support one’s thoughts and then you realize they are only your thoughts and you need to be the one to share them.

In my work/life I am continually searching for why and how people and myself are classified by the packaging we were born into.

Ism’s shape our self image and the slot we are put into in society.

The ism list fill volumes and contain atrocities beyond my comprehension yet some of the ism’s that surround me in a 1st world country are:

Sexism, racism, classism, ageism, genderism, economicism, attractivnessism, socialism, eductionism and many more…..Yes I know several examples are not  not real words but the stereotyping exists.

Those born with the packaging that has the predominant strength of their environment are shielded or maybe the better word is blinded by their own protection.

I am not trying to make a point of alter your viewpoint. I just continue my search for the being hiding just being the facade.



Many Artist have a size that works best for them and their work and todays size may very well  not be tomorrow’s size. That being said the last few months I have been working small…. 5x7ish small.

I find there to be something very intimate both working and viewing small works.

Either as a viewer or the artist small works required you to be close. The work gradually seeps into the crannies of your brain, nurturing a dialogue. The work does not bowl you over as you step into a room, it is more like a whisper in the shadows that begs you to come closer, closer, closer…


“You are walking down the street, on the subway, in the market. Depending on your proximity you are ever so briefly a part of the private communication of strangers. Subconsciously a whole story line is built around the snippets of an overheard segment of a conversation”

This series is built on one random isolated page out of a book. I people the page with drawn figures and photographs I take to create a story assumption based on the slice of a story.

Face “TI” mini sampler

The Face “IT” series duplicates the many layered process of assimilating the title wave of world news that envelops us. Volumes of information flood over us in a continuous onslaught leaving little time to digest the information.

The base layer of these works are a collage of a total newspaper article that has had an impact on me. Metaphorically I begin to digest the story by cutting the article up and gluing it to the board. In the finished product the viewer sees a snippets of the story. 

Paint applied with a pallet knife records my initial reaction to the information. Finishing the processing I returning to a paper source  collecting images and collage over the paint